Ssssh! I'm trying to get to Heaven

DAVID BOWIE - Trying to get to Heaven

Well I just had to do this one, didn't ? I.  Bowie is the man of the moment with a new single out, 'Where are we Now', the first for 10 years. It is not that bad either after a few listens and there is a new album too released on March 11th.

This track is taken from the unofficial album The Secret Songs and is a dramatic take on Trying to get to Heaven. If you have not already heard it, it is worth a listen.

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Singing Bear said...

I like very much. Bowie has never been afraid to take on an unexpected cover and put his own mark on it.

The Swede said...

Beware, genius at work. The genuine warmth for Bowie's return has been a joy to witness. You asked what our favourite Dylan covers were a while back, and right up there for me would have to be Bowie & Ronson's take on 'Like a Rolling Stone', which the Dame approaches, much as Bob himself would, by singing all over the usual melody line to glorious effect. Mind you, this is pretty glorious too.

Old Pa's Corner said...

SB & TS yes Bowie is welcomed back with, as you say great warmth.I like the Bowie Ronson Cover I featured it previously along with Maggies Farm.Looking forward to his new album

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