Wednesday, 18 January 2017

RIP - William Onyeabor - Fantastic Man and Atomic Bomb

RIP William Onyeabor

William Onyeabor - Fantastic Man (1983)

Happy memories of the TuneDr crew, lounging on a hot Sunday afternoon at Latitude, listening to the sounds of Alexis Taylor's tribute band to the cult Nigerian Musician and synth pioneer. He had a late renaissance (thanks to David Byrne's Luaka Bop label, who released a compilation album) that I, for one, I'm glad to have been made acquainted to, the music is just joyous. RIP.

William Onyeabor - Atomic Bomb (1983)

For more fantastic sounds travel to our 'World Music' Corner.

Elvis Presley - You'll Never Walk Alone


We're Put In Camps!

Elvis Presley - You'll Never Walk Alone


I woke this morning to the two words  Oh Lordy!  and I did not know why?. Thirty minutes later I had the answer. Here is a song you can sing in your church, accompanied with guitar and tambourine. If you don't go to church you can sing this in the pub too and tap your pint on the table.

By the way did you know Elvis supported Liverpool? he was bestie mates with Bill Shankly and often shared a pint when he secretly came over to the U.K. to watch the reds, usually disguised as Little Red Riding Hood. Apparently he never attended an away match at the Wolverhampton Wanderers Ground ever. 


We're all escaping
to the promised land, the promised land
the promised land
we're all escaping
to the promised land
Oh Lordy!

We cross the border
to the promised land, the promised land
the promised land
we cross the border
to the promised land
Oh Lordy!

We're put in camps
in the promised land, the promised land
the promised land
we're put in camps
in the promised land
Oh Lordy!

There's no work
in the promised land, the promised land
the promised land
there's no work
in the promised land
Oh Lordy!

They don't like us
in the promised land, the promised land
the promised land
they don't like us
in the promised land
Oh Lordy!

They don't want us
in the promised land, the promised land
the promised land
they don't want us
in the promised land
Oh Lordy!

They take our hearts and squeeze our souls
in the promised land, the promised land
the promised land
they take our hearts and squeeze our souls
in the promised land
Oh Lordy!

There's no future
in the promised land, the promised land
the promised land
there's no future
in the promised land
Oh Lordy!

Escaped one hell and found another
in the promised land, the promised land
the promised land
escaped one hell and found another
in the promised land
Oh Lordy!

I'm going back to where I came
from the promised land, the promised land
the promised land
I'm going back to where I came
from the promised land
Oh Lordy! 

I'd rather die in my home
not in the promised land, the promised land 
the promised land
I'd rather die in my home
not in the promised land
Oh Lordy!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Marissa Nadler - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

"gonna get...DIRTY"

Marissa Nadler - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings (2014)

Has there ever been a better song about getting dirty in a cemetery? The Father John Misty (i.e. J.Tillman) track from his 2012 album Fear Fun, was reworked by Ms Nadler in 2014 (whilst Father John covered Nadlers' drive).  Nadler makes it a bit more eerie, a little more dark.

When I first heard it I didn't make the link to cemetery sex, however upon closer inspection, I realised that the former fleet foxes drummers lyrics are far cleverer than I ever gave him credit for.

The single was issued as a white label release limited to 350 copies by the label and is a bit of rarity for  record collectors.

Jesus Christ girl, 
What are people going to think? 
When I show up to one of several funerals, 
've attended for grandpa this week.
 With you, with me. 
Someone's gotta help me dig, 
someone's gotta help me dig.
 Jesus Christ girl,
 It hasn't been long so it seems,
 Since I was picking out an island and a tomb for you,
 at the Hollywood Cemetary.
 You kiss,
 On me.
 We should let this dead guy sleep,
 We should let this guy sleep,
 Jesus Christ girl,
 I laid out for hours and days,
 Chasing the expanse of your American back,
 With Adderal and weed in my veins.
 You came,
 I think.
 'Cus the marble made my cheeks look pink,
 But I'm unsure of so many things.

by SFW

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Best of 2016 - Flycasual

Flycasual's Best of 2016

Better late than never, I just wish I could dedicate more time to the blog as before but still, thanks to Old Pa and Sfw for keeping it afloat in choppy waters....A miserable year all round but yet again you can always take refuge in the music.

Radiohead - 'The Numbers'

A grower of an album but arguably A Moon Shaped Pool is one of their best fo' sho'. It wasn't until 'The Numbers' hit me that I realised I was listening to something special. Undoubtedly my track of the year, it captures the mood of it perfectly and when the strings eventually come in......

A Tribe Called Quest - 'We The People'

The Native Tongues were busy this year, De La Soul released their excellent self produced album 'and the Anonymous Nobody' with the standout track 'Pain'. British DJ, Ali B and the Jungle Brother's, Afrika Baby Bam, released the old skool flavour of single 'Gimme Dat', one of the best Hip Hop tracks I've heard in years. And of course, Hip Hop Royalty, A Tribe Called Quest, released We Got it From Here....featuring the late Phife Dawg, another victim of the curse of 2016. Possibly my favourite Hip Hop band proving that after all these years, they can come back and still kick it. 'We the People', on the pulse and sobering.

James Blake - 'Radio Silence'

James Blake's album, The Colour in Anything, was another grower for me with a couple of standout tracks. The bleak 'Modern Soul' being one but it was the heart wrenching 'Radio Silence' that clinched it for me, if anything because it introduced me to Bill Withers', 'Hope She'll be Happier' which is quite possible three minutes and twenty one seconds of overwhelming devastation. It felt like someone had punched out my heart, bowled a 'googly' and the batsman hitting it for 'six' out the park.

Christine and the Queens - 'Tilted'

A fantastic pop song and my first track that stood out for me in 2016, great beat, great vocal, great atmosphere. From Nantes, France, Christine cemented her way into my heart with a Glastonbury interview, she speaks better English than I do!! And forever cemented into my psyche when I saw the above, amazing, performance on Jools Holland. Particularily poignant, as it was aslo the same week Prince died and she did a fitting tribute by performing 'I Feel For You'.

Gambari Band - Kokuma

Everyone needs a bit of ancient Ngoni lute in their lives especially if it sounds like the title track from Mali's Gambari Band, debut album. Apart from tearing it up every Saturday night at Bamako's Hotel Maya, they've also played with Damon Albarn's Africa Express project. The Muscianship and vocal harmonies are something to behold and have had me under it's spell all year. Another Malian band to add to it's immense talent pool.

....and should you wish to listen to my top 25 tracks of 2016, click here or below whichever is more convenient.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Best of 2016 - Old Pa

Old Pa's Best of 2016

Bit late but here are 5 of my top tracks from 2016:-

Afro Celt Sound System - The Soul of a Sister

King Creosote - 'Wake Up To This'

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - 'Skeleton Tree'

Lambchop - 'NIV'

Sleaford Mods - 'TCR'

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Sammy Brue - Once a Lover


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Sammy Brue - Once a Lover (2015)

Sammy Brue has been called an Americana Prodigy by Rolling Stone magazine which led to performances at Newport Folk Festival and Summerfest. The Nashville living, Portland born resident is a old soul / young body contradiction that leans heavily on early Dylan / Guthrie (not a bad place to start) with lyrics that sound much older than his actual age.

I've had this track filed away for a few months to post hoping he'd get older, but alas he's still a pup.

The big reveal? He's only fourteen. FFS!

By Sfw

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Best Of 2016 - SFW

A Year we'll never forget

Kevin Morby - Beautiful Strangers

Like the great protest songs of Dylan, Young, Lennon and Guthrie, Kevin Morby gave us a protest song for 2016.  With all proceeds going to 'Everytown for Gun Safety' it covers gun violence, Freddie Gray and the shootings in Paris & Orlando.

I first heard this back in October and I still adore it now. In a year that has seen many of our heroes die (form the world of song and screen), it's pretty damn perfect “If I die too young,” he sings, “Or if the gunmen come, I’m full of love.”  Can we say anymore?

Radiohead - Spectre

Star Wars - Episode V "The Empire Strikes Back" Homage (Title Sequence) from KROFL on Vimeo.

This is so bloody gorgeous. Two of my favourite things merged into one (Star Wars & Radiohead) and for the life of me I have no idea why it wasn't used over Sam Smiths "Writing on the Wall".  This was originally recorded for Spectre but " didn't work out".

OK, I hear what you are saying. "Wasn't this out last year?" Well it was previewed at the end of 2015 but was only available in 2016. So there.

Cass McCombs - Opposite House

This features on Cass McCombs wonderful latest album "Mangy Love". It is a collaboration with Angel Olson that is built around a hypnotic guitar riff and smooth string arrangement that has a soft rock atmosphere that masks the surrealist lyrics.  Awesome.

Ben Watt - Gradually

Ben Watt, i.e. “the bloke out of Everything But the Girl” released this stonking track to accompany his album, Fever Dream. The album features Suede’s Bernard Butler and some guest vocals from Marissa Nadler and Hiss Golden Messenger’s M.C. Taylor.

The song is about “...what can happen to a long ongoing relationship over time; the gradual shifting sands; how love mutates, changes speed; how interior worlds can be obstructive,”  It also features what I would call a "Classic rock guitar" solo with what sounds like an E-Bow playing throughout the song.  Give it a few spins.

Willie J Healey - Pipedreams

Willie J Healey is probably my new artist of the year.  The Michael Rappaport lookalike just oozes 'low-fi' cool (if that is such a thing?) and probably any of his releases could have made my top-5. If you like the melodic fuzz of Weezer then you should like Willie! 

The video features 60 year old skateboarder Neal Unger who first appeared on YouTube as a Skateboarding tramp, Unger proves that you can never be too old to pick up a new hobby. "You are never too old to Skate!"

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Squeeze - Up The Junction


I'm no Brad Pitt

SQUEEZE - Up The Junction

Here is a little attempt to write a pop song. It's all about two ordinary people who live a  'normal'  simple life. They know exactly who they are and who exactly who they are not. But they are happy. I wish I was a bit like them.

WHAT I'M NOT (pop song 2)

I'll will never be a super model
'cause I know it's not my style
I'm happy with my office job
and mostly I have a smile
I don't need to wear the latest fashion
or wear too much bling
I have my own quirky clothes
and I'm happy with just your ring
you can't really call me fat
and I'm certainly not that thin
but it doesn't really matter
because I'm happy in my skin
I don't need to go to the latest clubs
that's not how I get my fun
I prefer to go on Saturdays
shopping with my mum
after we go to our favorite bar
and share a bottle of wine
it's just what I like to do
it's how I pass my time

I'll never be Angelina Jolie
or a Marilyn Monroe
but you and I together babe
our love just seems to grow

I love who you are babe
much better than who you're not

I'll never be a soccer star
'Cause I've got two left feet
I'm happy in the factory
with plenty mates to meet
I've got no interest in a fast car
or go to a Grand Prix
I'm happy in my run around
with you sitting next to me
I don't wear designer gear
it's the label that you pay
I shop in places like Primark
it's cheaper any day
I don't go to these fancy clubs
the price is their catch
I prefer to go on Saturdays
to watch a football match
after I go to my favorite pub
and laugh with all my mates
everything is all tied up
because you are my fate

I'll never be George Cluny
or be a Brad Pitt
but you and me together babe
we just seem to fit

I love who you are babe
much better than who you're not

How could I compete with Squeeze, a perfect Pop Song

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Van Morrison - Madam George




VAN MORRISON - Madame George

2016 UN AN à OUBLIER (R.I.P.)

Leonard Cohen
and his beautiful darkness
Pete Burns
he spun us all around
Bobby Vee
took good care of my baby
David Bowie
the Starman who fell to Earth
Mark Fisher
Matt Bianco, Its more than I can Bare

I don't pray
but if I did
I would pray for them

Greg Lake & Keith Emerson
E.L.P, Fanfare For The Common Man,
Rick Parfitt
Rocking All Over The World
Oh! Purple One
Leon Russell
and his Shelter People
Merle Haggard
the Okie From Muskogee

I dont't pray
but if I did
I would pray for them

Malik Taylor,
or Phife Dawg, A Tribe Called Quest,
Maurice White
founder of Earth, Wind & Fire
Paul Kanter
founder of Jefferson Airplane
Glen Frey
no more Tequila Sunrise
George Michael
He's never going to dance again

I don't pray
but if I did
I would pray for them

Liz Smith & Caroline Ahern
the true Royal Family
Andrew Sachs
Si - Que, 'what'.
Ronnie Corbett
and its good night from him,
Paul Daniels
'you'll like it. Not a lot, but you'll like it'
Terry Wogan
a real Irish Gent

Johan Cruyff
Dutch football Ace
Victoria Wood
the dinner Lady
Jean Alexander
Hilda Ogden, say no more
Ace of Spades
Gene Wilder
Willie Wonka

I don't pray
but if I did
I would pray for them

Za Za Gabor
9 husbands strong
Robert Vaughn
the Man from Uncle
George Martin
the 5th Beatle
Scotty Moore
backed the King
Billy Paul
Me and Mrs Jones
Debbie Reynolds
grieving Mother of Carrie

I don't pray
but if I did
I would pray for them

Carrie Fisher
Princess of the Galaxy
Kenny Baker
her little Droid

Muhammad Ali
Still the Greatest of them all

I do drink
so I certainly will
raise my glass to them

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

World Party - It's Too Late



A Quiet period at Check In

WORLD PARTY - It's Too Late


 I was conducting a Cargo Training course in Riyadh and had finished early. I got one of the guys to change my firm booking which was for 15:00 hrs to the earlier flight of 13:00 hrs. It was Wednesday and Wednesday evening was my favourite time in Jeddah where I was based.

I would be home in plenty time for a game of tennis and after I would return home, have a hot shower and waiting for me in the freezer would be frosted glasses and some chilled homemade beer. Lovely. The lights would be on in our bar. The play lists would be ready to roll and let the evening begin and let's see what happens. I loved Wednesday night. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife.

I was dropped off at the domestic terminal just in time for the one hour flight. Or that is what I thought. I could not get near the check in desk. Even although I had a firm ticket there were just too many people trying to check in. When things cleared and I got to the desk and was told sorry the flight was closed. I asked to be put on the next flight two hours later and was told that I would have to be on standby as all the flights right up until 0300 hrs the next day were fully booked too. The terminal suddenly became quiet so I settled down with my Walkman and the only tape I had was The World Party's, Hey Jumbo. The rest of my tapes were in a small carry case which unfortunately I had left in the crew room where I was sleeping during my stay. It was pretty good but after several hours it had lost its appeal.

The terminal began to fill up so I made my way to the gate and was first in the queue. I was told to wait and if there was a seat I would get it. Fat chance of that, it was pandemonium, I have never in my life witnessed anything like it. People were shouting, screaming and even brawls started. Some Arabs took off their keffiyeh or ghutrah (the ropes which kept their head gear on) and were hitting each other. Some other guys took their sandals off and used them to hit the guys who had the ropes. It was like watching Gladiators fight to the death. Security were called several times to calm things down. I just sat there in silent resignation. Two other flights had departed and I was still no where nearer getting on a flight. I later learned that this was normal for a Wednesday evening and there are usually several arrests. I suppose you could call it 'Airport Check in Rage'.

During a quiet period in-between flights I suddenly saw an Arab guy who worked in the Cargo department and I trained him about a year ago. He was with the check in agents. I made a beeline for him. He recognised me and I asked him if he could help. I said I have a big problem my wife is pregnant and has had to go to hospital in Jeddah because the baby may be coming early. Could he help as I just have to get there. Three minutes later I had a boarding pass and a first class seat at that. I hugged my new best friend and headed through to the departure lounge.

Always remember, it is who you know. And if you have to tell a little white lie to get the job done, then so be it. I made it home in time for a good evening with some friends who had called round and there was plenty Pizza Sheik too for this hungry traveller.

Monday, 26 December 2016

R.I.P. George Michael - 'Cowboys and Angels'

R.I.P George Michael

George Michael - 'Cowboys and Angels' (1990)

Back in my teens, in the early 90's, in my more rebellious years, most of the music I'd listen to was pretty much non conformist (F@&k you I'm not doing that, fight the police etc). Truth is, I was very much a mild rebel, I'd probably kick over a bin and go back later and pick it up. I would never openly admit at the time that the sultry teenage fumblings of Careless Whisper would inspire me to pick up the Sax and play it badly. 

Anyway a few of my friends I'd hangout with, in my downtime from looking grumpy, listened to all manner of pop, in particularly George Michael. Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1 was out at the time and it became a firm favourite of mine. From the melancholic opener of Praying For Time, to the funky drummer beat of Waiting For That Day, to my personal favourite, Cowboys and Angels. 

George Michael - R.I.P. 

The most dangerous year on record to be a famous figure? The Curse of 2016 strikes again, another music legend departs to the great gig in sky. What a shitty year.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Joey Ramone - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), Jim Reeves - Blue Christmas





I was thinking about Gifts and Christmas. There are all kinds of Gifts,
They are not always Gold, Frankincense and Mur or Lint Chocolate or flowers. There are other gifts too


All that is left
the ruins you see
a lifeless shadow
a shrinking soul

these are the gifts
you have left for me

Nerves are open
exposed alive
ready to welcome incoming pain
gorging hungry greedy for pain

these are the gifts
you have left for me

Left in the shadows
hiding alone
scared to go out
a shriveled wreck

these are the gifts
you have left for me

Mind exposed
tender raw
sledge hammer blows they pound
cheating spiteful lies they pound

these are the gifts
you have left for me

Left in the gutters
tossed aside
piece of garbage
an empty vessel

these are the gifts
you have left for me

Guts exploding
bile rising
heart torn and split like a chasm
broken bleeding gaping chasm

these are the gifts
you have left for me
these are the gifts
you have lavished on me


THE ONE BEFORE (Christmas Cheer)

Merry Christmas Baby

I have all your presents here
there're the last ones waiting
underneath my naked tree
if only you would come home to me
if only you were here
your smile would be my Christmas lights
your kiss my Christmas cheer

So I'll have another glass
to wash down the one before
and the one before the last

Merry Christmas Baby

It's today that hurts the most
I'll be glad when it's all done
get back my normal pain
it's your teasing and all your laughter
if only you were here
your smile would be my Christmas lights
your kiss my Christmas cheer

So I'll have another glass
to wash down the one before
and the one before the last

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Vera Lynn - White Cliffs of Dover/We'll Meet again


There'll be Blue Birds over the White Cliff of Dover

VERA LYNN - The White Cliffs of Dover

The idea has been done before, probably the best example is  'Boots of Spanish Leather'  by  Dylan and if you have not heard that one check it out right now. Here is my attempt at letter writing about two lovers separated by war. Hence the two brilliant war songs sung by the the  Forces Sweetheart during the War the fabulous  Vera Lynn . Both songs bring a tear to your eye.  'Just you wait and see'.  


My Darling Jenny

I hope this finds you well
and it's not too hard for you

the news is good
that's filtered down
Berlin is close
and soon will fall

if that is true
it can only mean
war will soon be over
can we dare to dream
after all this time
I'll be coming home to you

When it's time
to take my rest
I lay down
where ever I can

It is not as bad
as it may seem
when I'm awake
I think of you
and if by chance
my sleep does come
you are the leading lady
In all my dreams

I would trade my lonely heart
to spend the longest night with you
I would hold you close
the whole night through
and I will whisper
that I love you

There is one more thing
I don't want to say
but it's weight I carry you see

My darling Jenny please be good
please be good for me

My Dearest Jimmy

I hope this finds you well
and it's not too bad for you
in the factory
the hours are long
I return alone
to my desolate room

let me say
you should not fear
put these thoughts away
I love you deeply
you are my man
and the only man for me

I lie awake
most every night
the early dawn
I always meet

tears taste sweet
my head it spins
with the thought
of you my love
and if by chance
my sleep does come
you will be the hero
in all my dreams

I would trade my painful heart
to spend the longest night with you
I will take your love
until you are spent
all my passion
it belongs to you

There is one last thing
I know I have to say
I carry this pain you see

My dearest Jimmy please be save
please come home to me

VERA LYNN - We'll Meet Again

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand (live)



THE BEATLES - I Want To Hold Your Hand (Live)


We were in Inverness visiting my Parents and Sister. Both Shellhunter and Flycasual were driving me crazy with their constant pleading and begging for me to get them a Gameboy. They just kept going on and on about it..

That was it. I said that I would challenge them all, that would include Old Ma to a putting competition and if they beat me I would get them a Gameboy. If I won then that would be it. They were not allowed to hassle me anymore.

We went to Bellfield Park a small but beautiful little park which had two putting greens. The park was situated just by the river Ness and close by was a place called the  Islands.  It was several Islands joined by small bridges and is a must walk if you ever visit Inverness. In the middle was a small cafe which was open during the summer months and during week-ends in the winter time. When I was a teen it was also a meeting place at weekends, where many teens just hung out. I did not go very often but I remember being there one Sunday evening when everyone huddled round a small black and white television with great excitement. The Beatles  were performing live on television. The quality was poor but they were amazing, they played their new single  I Want To Hold Your Hand.

Anyway back to the putting competition. I was pretty good and had many such competitions with my Inverness pal George  (R.I.P.)  I knew I would win but I would make it interesting and keep it very close, just to give them hope. I kept it close, in fact I let them go 1 up with 4 holes to play. I smiled to myself as I drew level at the next hole. All square with 3 to go. Old Ma was first to go on the16th, a very long hole. The longest on the course. She hit it far too hard, it would go miles past. I could not believe it, the ball hit the metal flag, jumped up about a foot in the air and  'plopped'  into the hole. My brave putt just missed. I was 1 down with 2 to play. The next hole was pretty long too and I went first and got pretty close, a certain 2. Both Shellhunter and Flycasual were way way short and would never get a 2. That left Old Ma who once again hit the ball far too hard

'That one will end up in the River Ness, I laughed'

but no it did not, it hit my ball and changed direction and into the hole. Two holes in 1 in 2 holes.

They were all jumping up and down screaming and hugging and shouting  'we are getting a Gameboy, we are getting a Gameboy'.  I was left open mouthed and staring at that 17th hole. We did not play the 18th hole they were already on their way to the Gameboy shop.

I never did tell them that I was going to buy one anyway, but I had to get my fun.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Grapell - A Silver Line


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

You've got a zit right there...

Grapell - A Silver Line (2013)

Grapell are the best combination to come out of Sweden since IKEA started selling meatballs & chips.  Pals Emil Erstrand and Nils Nygårdh relased 'A Silver Line' back in 2013 on the indie label Strangers Candy.

This great little track starts with a guitar melody that ginger Jesus Ed Sheeran uses to pull in the crowds. Thou singer Emil sounds more of a crooner before he goes Buckley falsetto.  I am sure it could feature on those dreadful American tv shows, where the girl gets the guys and all that bollocks, anyway it probably has and I wouldn't know.  

By Sfw