Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Desert Life - My darling friend (Demo)

Desert Life - My darling friend (demo) (2017)

Hello friends,

Another year has almost passed and while the Tune Doctor blog has (sadly) been put on the back burner throughout 2017, we're still all searching for great new music that excites us.

In my (SFW) hiatus, I have been working on music for the first time in over a decade and with great encouragement from the rest of the team, I am starting to put some demos out. I've called the project "Desert Life" and it features the lyrics of Old Pa with all music written and performed by myself.

The plan is to go into the studio next year and self-release what I can in 2018.  It's all very exciting and it would be great to hear what you think of the songs in their current format.


Wednesday, 22 November 2017

John Lennon - God




My new Christmas song!

BLASPHEMY  (send me a sign)

Is there a God?
send me a sign
can you stop my pain?
can you stop my sorrow?
send me a sign

Is there a God?
Is it all a joke?
can you make it better?
can you give me hope?
send me a sign

Is there a God?
send me a sign
tell me you will help
tell me you're out there?
send me a sign

Is there a God?
I think not
you let it all happen
you watch all the pain
the murder
the killing
the rape
the genocide
the war
the drugs
all the shit going down
there is no sign
or you don't care

Is there a God?
I think not

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Elvis Costello - Oliver's Armys



ELVIS COSTELLO - Oliver's Army

Don't get me wrong, I respect and are proud of all the armed forces. They are brave people, braver than me and I thank them all, especially those heroes lost protecting us.
You may find this a tad cynical, but I am cynical about war.

BODY BAG (salute to the flag)

well done leader man
you got your war
time for the payback
to those who put you there
get all the soldier boys
comrades in arms
fight for their country
proud of their flag

take that hand from your heart
your names on a body bag
one bullet one dollar
you do the maths
whose got the contract

proud for you son
like dad before
born to the army
we know what it takes
if you don't come home
we fill with pride
you took their bullet
standing there tall

take that hand from your heart
your names on the honor wall

one bullet one dollar
you do the maths
whose got the contract?

we kill the bad guys
Gods on our side
we kill the bad guys
Gods on our side

stand tall
for the leader man
salute to the flag
your names on a body bag
your names on the honor wall

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

R.E.M. - Man in the Moon



R.E.M. - Man on the Moon


Strange where you get your ideas from. My son made a pumpkin to look like BB8. It was for a kids competition. If it does not win it will be forgotten. If it wins it will be remembered forever. You get nothing for second place.


SECOND PLACE  (pop song 6.4)

There can only be one winner
there is nothing for second place
when you lose your soon forgotten
just accept that you lost the race
nobody remembers the loser
you're soon lost without a trace
the winner accepts all the cheering
your left with hands in your face

we only remember the winner
your nothing in second place

don't blame the line judge
it's too bad the ball hit the bar
it was a split second between us
I didn't lose by far

we only remember the winner
your nothing in second place

I thought I was the winner
had it all with you by my side
then I was left there for another
it was easy just to cast me aside

I can see you in the distance
holding your trophy in hand
me, I'm stuck in the scrap heap
lost in that junk yard of love

we only remember the winner
your nothing in second place

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Desert Life - Not My Girl


Well it is no contest this week. Here is a brilliant track from a new artist going under the name of 'Desert Life' it is a simple boy girl story, love and cheating, everything you need, but with one of those melody's that will stick in your head and it will help you see through your day. 

'Desert Life'  is none other than SFW and he has done his interpretation of one of Old Pa's songs. Chris has played the music, found the melody and everything else involved in this demo. If  'Desert Life'  keeps up this standard then things may change very quickly for this exciting new talent.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Van Morison - Purple Heather (DRAMS - The Songs of Brian Mackenzie)



VAN MORRISON - Purple Heather



oh! Rosie, I'm sorry what I did to you
can I call you when this is over
and we'll remember who we are!


She wanted to spread her wings
(her thighs)
it was January, it was winter cold
I was alone in my dungeon


Hey Billy get 'em in
I'm B
rahms and Lyst (Pissed)


she laughed and giggled at my line
I said I’m falling in love you
she said you've drank too much wine


but you will never feel a love so pure
as in your Mother's arms


But what the hell! I've had my shot
so I'll pour a drink and raise my glass
and I'll raise myself another
before life runs away from me


With her winged deaths head
and her Angels code
on her back
a tattoo of the Grateful Dead

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Tindersticks - Traveling Light



THE TINDERSTICKS - Traveling Light


You don't want to travel with me, I don't want to travel with me. I must have done something seriously wrong to deserve the bad luck I have had this year every time I travel.

It was my sister Rose in Canada's 70th birthday and also one of her twin daughters was getting married a few days later. I would have loved to go but unfortunately we were a bit cash strapped and I was unable to go. Suddenly out of the blue Rose's husband Ian asked if I would come over to surprise Rose and he would pay for the ticket. It was a fabulous gesture and I was delighted to accept.

Now I don't care about you but even if I am 68 I was still very excited about going and I was especially delighted to be able to see Rose and all her family at the same time together. I was looking forward to the trip. I would fly from Alicante to Gatwick and then from Heathrow I would get an Air Canada flight to Ottawa. I was really into walking at the time with my new Fitbit watch and looked forward to going for walks. Rose had a beautiful place on the banks of the Saint Lawrence river.

It was the Friday and I was flying on the next Monday. I suddenly felt very ill as if I had the flu. The next day I felt a bit better but my left foot was suddenly very red and swollen. This was very worrying as I have diabetes and we decided to go the Spanish equivalent of A&E. After 5 hours I was seen by a very unpleasant Spanish Doctor who said I should speak Spanish. If I was not so upset about my foot I would have told him there was no need for this kind of attitude. Anyway he said I had a wound on the sole of my foot which had got infected and prescribed a course of antibiotics and I should see my Doctor on Monday and get the clinic to change the dressing daily. I asked about my trip to Canada and he advised definitely not to go.

I was absolutely gutted. The Travel Gods had once again decided to punish me for trying to travel. Not only that I was unable to walk. Because I have diabetes the wound could turn into an ulcer and take months and months to heal. I could not even take my dogs out. It was altogether a complete disaster.

I think I will have to seek out one of these St Christopher medallions. Maybe that will protect me. I'll try anything.

Old Ma was also very upset as she had planned to go and visit Shellhunter and look after little Ripley. After ten days at the clinic I was given the OK to visit the UK but was advised to get it checked over there. This of course I did.

One of my favorite things in the Camberley area is to go for walks as it is so green with  many fabulous places to walk. So many varieties of trees, I just love the fresh smell especially after rain. You just feel so alive. Unfortunately it was not to be and I ended up drinking much more than I wanted too. Not that I need any excuses to drink.

Its well over a month and a half now and I still have the problem. I have put on a stone in weight and am trying desperately to get back on the straight and narrow. Tomorrow I will get the old bike out and get out on the road. I have just got to get some exercise.

More Travel Disasters

Friday, 8 September 2017

Pancho and Lefty - Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan



He was seen near Frimley Green



I was visiting my daughter in Camberley and we took a little trip to visit a Bird Sanctuary with my Granddaughter Ripley. I was really taken with all the fantastic names of places, especially Bagshot Lea. Here is one for the kids. If you care to do illustrations for me, we have a children's book. What do you think?


No panic or alarm
down Holt Pound Farm
walking happy and free
a fake Winchester gun
that he held just for fun

and they called him with affection
Ol' Badshot Lea

Walking with a cane
near Ringmead Lane
it was a new place to be
with slingshot and gun
no harm was ever done

and they called him with affection
Ol' Badshot Lea

His time was brief
visiting Oxdale heath
he was high up in a tree
dressed in his green
he was not easily seen

and they called him with affection
Ol' Badshot Lea

It was late in the day
near Strawberry Way
singing hi diddley dee
was followed by dogs
some squirrels and frogs

and they called him with affection
Ol' Badshot Lea

Crossing the bridge
along Slingshot Ridge
his freedom by decree
he talked to animals
the birds and the bees

and they called him with affection
Ol' Badshot Lea

Known to be seen
near Frimley Green
bag down to his knee
was filled with sweets
to give children treats

and they called him with affection
Ol' Badshot Lea

Way up in his hide
close to Heatherside
happy as he can be
with a tall pointy hat
and his whisby beard

And if you're not in the know
his real name was Camber Lea 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

I Wanna Be Your Dog - The Stooges



THE STOOGES - I Wanna be Your Dog


Here is my ode to Toby 1 Kenobi, my wonder dog.


A hunk of love the biggest Tobe
born with the biggest heart
but never mess with the side you don't now
because he can handle himself
he just wants to have your touch
he needs to know he is loved

and he always gave back
more than he got
the biggest Tobe

I found you when you were alone
beaten lost to the world
It was clear that you had so much to give
your dark eyes touched my soul
never once did I have any regret
for taking you in to my arms

and he always gave back
more than he got
the biggest Tobe

You must have had a sweet heart
but now you are mine
you were thrown to the world a lonely place
with no comfort to be found
you look at me and wag your tail
and I know it's gonna be right

and he always gave back
more than he got
the biggest Tobe

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

THE MOTORS - Airport




THE MOTORS - Airport



We arrived at the Hotel in about 15 minutes and checked in. I asked if we could have a late check out. The Hotel had this facility to checkout at 14:00 rather than at 12:00 for an extra 10 euro's. The guy ensured me this would be OK and to tell the day shift guy and he would arrange this. We really needed that extra two hours and did not fancy the long wait at the airport for the evening flight to Morocco at 19:40 which I hoped to book. 

I managed to book online a flight with Royal Air Maroc and arrange a taxi pick up in Marrakech. By the time I had done all that it was about 03:30 when I eventually got to bed. We got up and rushed down to breakfast at 09:45 as it closed at 10:00. The girl in charge was not very happy to see us come so late. We had to fight for plates and cutlery and there was not much left in the buffet.  'Pay now, Pay now ' she said,  I replied angrily that I will pay after I have had my breakfast.  To cap it all at 10:00 on the dot she disconnect everything , the coffee machine, fruit machine etc. It was unbelievable. What kind of service was that? 

I then went to arrange the late check out. No chance.  'The Hotel is full you must leave by 12:00'.  No matter how I pleaded this guy would not budge. That gave us about 50 minutes to clear and leave the room. Old Ma was shattered and I was not far behind her.

We left with a bad taste and arrived at the airport with over seven hours to kill. I spend a lot of time on the phone to my Insurance Company and my Credit Card Company as I was having problems with my card. This all was more inconvenience and hassle which we could have done without. The time soon passed and we checked in without any problem. Finally we were on our way. The flight was about an hour and a half to Casablanca where there was just over an hour wait for the connecting flight to Marrakech. Royal Air Maroc was a delightful airline, plenty of leg room and excellent service. 

We at last arrived in Marrakech at about 22:30 and it was great to see my name waiting on arrival for our taxi to the hotel. Flycasual was waiting to greet us, the rest of his family were exhausted and had already gone to bed. He told me that when he arrived about 10.30 that morning and asked about our booking he was told it was cancelled and because of half term the hotel was full. My son did mage to sort it all out and we did have a room. That would have been the final nail in the coffin. We were all tired and decided to call it a day and we would catch up and have a drink together tomorrow.

The hotel was great if not a little noisy. Well it was half term and it was filled with kids. But we did not mind that after all we were there to see our grand kids so we would take it as it comes. The hotel had hugh grounds and also included a water park. It suited me perfect as I had just purchased a Fitbit which monitored the amount of steps you did. That first day I managed 16,000 steps which was a lot more than my 10,000 daily target. You had to walk everywhere and I loved it. The food was superb for an all inclusive, especially the Moroccan corner, salad bar and sweet section. I was trying to lose weight, yes even on holiday and I liked that I could choose what I ate. 

All was going great we were enjoy all this family time together when on the Tuesday night I got a dose of the runs, which kept going most of the night. The next day I never left bed unless it was to the loo. I was spent and completely out of it. My wife brought me some bread and that was about all I could manage. I am glad to say that I recovered and was fine the next day but it was only rice, bread and pasta for me.
We did spend an evening in the famous Marrakech square but really I would have like to have spent more time there. I hope to return there one day.

It was over all to quickly It was a joy spending time with our family. We hoped it would be a smooth journey home. Surely lightning would not strike twice on us old pensioners, never.

The day before we left we received a message from our airline to get to the airport 3 hours before departure as there were big security delays at the airport. I was taking no chances and re-arranged my taxi pick up to comply with that request.

The taxi was there on time and we sailed through security and into departures. We even had time for a leisurely breakfast. Things were looking up. We arrive in Barcelona and had to change terminal and have about a seven hour wait but that was not a problem after what we had previously experienced. We checked in to out flight and went to departures all was fine nothing could go wrong now. Suddenly Old Ma rushed up to me with a smile on her face.  'The flight is cancelled, the flight is cancelled'.  I thought it was a joke and I smiled too, but Old Ma never joked about things like that. I looked at the board and there it was our flight was cancelled. Lightning had struck again.

We had to get out of departures and go to the Vueling ticket desk, there was another flight at 22:55 that night another long long wait. We checked in again and were told we had to go to the arrivals hall and find our bags which should arrive at a certain place. That was another nightmare. The bags were lost and we had to do all the chasing ourselves. If it was not for the assistance of a kindly woman in the baggage department we would never have seen our bags again. It took us four and half hours to get these bags back. We had to re-check in again. A third time, more queuing, more queuing.  

The flight was on time and we arrived in Alicante, got our car and headed home in a thunderstorm, pouring rain and lightning flashes. We eventually got home at 01:30 the next day we had been on the go for almost 24 hours.  

Monday, 26 June 2017

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 25-06-2017 - Kodaline, Radiohead, Mobb Deep

Tracks Of The Week

Instagram @alanreesb

London Scouser:-
Kodaline - 'Brother' (2017)

I've been a fan of Kodaline ever since they were first introduced to this blog by Shellhunter way back in 2012.
This track is really good and keeps them on form. The first version I heard on Spotify was the 'stripped back' version which I absolutely adore. The normal version features in the video, and I defy you to watch it and not have a year at least trying to poke it's way out of your eyelid.

Radiohead - 'Man of War' (2017)

Following my Radiohead-heavy friday which included listening to their OK-NOT-OK 20th anniversay release and watching their triumphant return to Glastonbury I felt I just had to feature oxfords finest. Man of War appears on OK-NOT-OK and is a anthemic Bond theme, in the live and let die mould.  It's surprising it was never included on the 1997 release, but then again the fantastic 'I promise' could easily have been included, so what do I know?

As a side note, did anyone else think that their Glasto appearance had the feel of a swansong?

Mobb Deep - 'Shook Ones' (1995)

Not a new track at all but this week cannot go by without the mention that Prodigy, one half of the Hip Hop group, Mobb Deep, died aged 42. Cause of death is as yet unconfirmed but it is thought that he suffered complications from a long time blood condition, sickle cell anemia. Mobb Deep are an NY band that always oozed swagger, Prodigy in particular and will always be remembered for their head bobbing Hip Hop anthem, Shook One Part II. RIP

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Otis Redding - My Girl/Van Morrison - Celtic Ray





Old Ma was desperate for another child, after all Flycasual would soon be eight. The news was not good she was told her tubes were blocked and it would be almost impossible to have another child. Old Ma was of course devastated and decided to go to Nice France for a few months with her Mother in the forlorn hope they could do something there. I would visit every couple of weeks which was pretty easy for me as I worked for British Airways and received discount tickets.

She was only in France for less than a month when bingo she fell pregnant. I can't remember what the magic was performed by that French Doctor but it certainly did the trick. In fact she was expecting twins. It was detected that she had the possibility of a condition called toxamaplosis which was apparently passed on by cats and could be very dangerous. It would only be confirmed after the birth and the placenta was tested. It wasn't easy for Old Ma she was advised to rest as much as possible. Things got worse when she had pains and started to bleed. We found out that she had lost one of the twins which was devoured by the surviving twin All very creepy I thought

Old Ma came back to the U.K. to have the baby and eventually it all happened on the 6th March 1982 about one in the morning. We rushed to Hillingdon Hospital in Middlesex and few hours later I was there to see little Shellhunter popping out her head, she turned and looked at me and do you know what she said?

'mines a large glass of Pinot Grigio'. 

Shellhunter had well and truly arrived, she had arrived by the jet stream from beyond the moon.

I eventually went home and before I went to sleep I went to get  Van Morrison's  new album  'Beautiful Vision'  I had quick listen before falling asleep ready to later visit the hospital again.
When I returned both were doing fine, Shellhunter was on her second bottle of  Pinot  and beginning to slur, but I understood and forgave her, after all it was her first day. Old Ma said there was a surprise for me from Shellhunter under the mattress of her new cot. I returned home and there it was another copy of  Van Morrison's  new album. I never told them this story and this is the first time it has seen the light of day. I just did not want to spoil the moment. Now if I hear anything from that excellent album I of course think of  Pinot Grigio.  Naw! I think of my darling daughter Shellhunter the light of my life.

When Flycasual was born there is a bit of a coincidence. You see it was the first TV stereo broadcast and featured none other than the man himself  Van Morrison.  Well as they say  'Too Late To Stop Now!' 



A track from Beautiful Vision album

Monday, 19 June 2017

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 18-06-2017 - Willie Nile, Grizzly Bear, Jealous Of The Birds, Prophets of Rage

Tracks Of The Week

Instagram @alanreesb

Old Pa:-
Willie Nile - Blowin in The Wind


If the Sex Pistols covered Dylan it just might be a little like this. Here is a live version of Blowin' In The Wind by Willie Nile. He has a new album out of all Dylan Covers. Got to listen to that as I love this OTT version of the Bobby classic. Willie looks the biz in this video.

London Scouser:-
Jealous Of The Birds - 'Russian Doll's (2016)

Ok so I'm a little late with this song, but I feel it needs sharing. Irish singer-songwriter Naomi Hamilton released her debut album (Parma Violets) last year which this features on. I love her gravelly sounding voice and the song has a great rhythm to it. It also has one of my favourite lines in a few years 'Despite how much I want to, just punch you in the face... My favourite smell on this earth, is still your pillowcase' I'll be keeping an ear out for this lady, to be sure.

Grizzly Bear - Mourning Sound (2017)

One of the joys of getting a new motor, is the inclusion of a DAB radio. Although I listen to it at home, being able to bring balance to my mornings/afternoons by listening to 6Music (and not having to listen to the 'My Little Pony soundtrack') gives me such a musical caffeine boost.  Then to have Grizzly Bears "Mourning Sound" getting "airplay" reminds me of the joy of hearing some your favourite bands on the Radio, which, for me, seems like a long forgotten thing!

Prophets of Rage - 'Unfuck the World' (2017)

It has been a completely shit couple of months here in the UK and the wider world for that matter, so this is possibly the most appropriate track for the way I'm feeling right now. I would love these guys to be the standard bearers for a movement to...ehm well 'unfuck the world' but it's very unlikely and anyway is anger the answer....I really think not! Saying that, I'm happy to have Tom Morello, B-Real and Chuck-D delivering aural broadside all day long! New album with original material out later this year.

PS, I tried to link their web page but there's an error on it. A right wing conspiracy?

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Jim Capaldi - Eve





We were both looking forward to our trip to Marrakech in Morocco. It was our first visit and we would be meeting up in an all exclusive Hotel with Flycasual his wife and their two sons. We had not seen the boys for over a year and we just could not wait to see them.

We had booked a flight with Vueling from Alicante to Barcelona and would have to wait a few hours for our connection, also by Vueling, to Marrakech. That flight departed from Barcelona at 21:20 and we would arrive quite late at 21:55, there was a two hour time difference between Spain and Morocco. Everything was fine and going according to plan when suddenly the  'delay' sign appeared next to our flight.

We were not too worried at first but as time passed, worry turned to deep concern. We just could not get any information and there were no Vueling agents to be seen. Finally a departure time was given. It would be unlikely we would make the connection as it was by now touch and go. I managed at last to speak to an agent and he assured me that if we missed the flight we would be put up in a Hotel and booked on the next available flight to Marrakech. This was confirmed by a steward onboard the flight.

The flight landed in Barcelona and we collected our baggage very quickly and rushed to the check in. As we suspected we were too late for the connection. We then headed for the Vueling desk in the hope of a connection tomorrow and for them to fix us with a hotel. You must be joking they did not want to know. The best they could do was booking us on the next available flight in two days time and this we would have to pay for. This was not our fault the Vueling plane was late but they just did not care. Their attitude was, too bad. We had booked a return flight Alicante to Barcelona and a separate flight but with the same airline Barcelona to Morroco. We were returning from Morocco to Barcelona by a different airline.

Now take note of this when you book travel in the future. If I had booked the flight from Alicante to Morocco, with Barcelona being a transit point, Vueling would have been responsible
for the delay and would have paid for hotel and new flight. It seems odd and unfair but that is the way it is. So beware.

We found out there was a flight by Royal Air Maroc tomorrow and rushed a considerable way to their desk. In the meantime OldMa went to the information desk to find out about Hotels. The flight would cost us an Extra 360 euros. Old Ma also was told there was Ryanaire flight early the next morning but we would have to go to another terminal. By this time it was getting late and the other Terminal was one big hassle with our cases etc. and Barcelona airport is very big and demanded a lot of walking. Old Ma is 74 years old and suffers from stress and this was all beginning to take its toll on her. We eventually got to the other Terminal only to be told that the Ryanaire flight was in two days time. We were continually getting information with people telling us basically what we want to hear. But it was continual lies.

The long treck back to Terminal 1 and Royal Air Maroc. That by this time has closed its desk. We found from the information desk that there was some airport business rooms where we could stay but were quite expensive. By this time Old Ma was finished, totally exhausted as was I. We were completely stressed out. We headed for theses rooms, more walking for my poor Old Ma who by now was near to tears. Theses rooms were full and they had nothing left. We returned to a bar cafe and ordered a welcome beer and to assess the situation we found ourselves in because of a delay by Vueling.

We had to find a hotel and my phone was playing up. Luckily Flycasual who was getting up in a couple of hours to get a flight from Gatwick to meet us in Marrakech managed to find a hotel at a cost of 180 euros for the night. I finished my beer had another and headed for a taxi to take us to the hotel.

PART 2 Next week, can it get any worse?

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 04-06-2017 - Sink Ya Teeth, Winter Aid, The Besnard Lakes

Tracks Of The Week

Tune Doctor Tracks of the Week
Instagram @alanreesb

Sink Ya Teeth - 'If You See Me' (2017)

Someone get some mash for this banger! Straight in to my list of the best tracks of the year, it was an instant tummy tickler. The minimalist downtempo vibe, the 'Break for Love' (or the 'If Only I Could' type beat, depending which you heard first) spoken vocals and the sustained keyboards, I love all that. This is the first single from the Norwich 2 piece and I can't wait to hear more. Video is pretty good, my kind of party.......at some point in my life. 

London Scouser:-
The Besnard Lakes - 'The Divine Wind' (2017)

At first I thought this was a 'Black Books' track based on the dreamy intro. After a quick check I saw it was in fact The Besnard Lakes, a band who were first featured here on the blog by Shellhunter way back in 2013 with 'People Of The Sticks' This track builds and builds into an amazing ending that leaves me with goosebumps. It was released in March as part of a 2 track EP called 'The Besnard Lakes Are The Divine Wind'

Winter Aid - 'Where the Night Goes' (2017)

This is new to me and has the intensity of an Arcade Fire track - who are one of their influences. Winter Aid is the musical name for the songs by Dubliner, Shane Cullot and appears on his debut album 'The Murmur of the Land'.  It is his first major release since 2013’s slow-burner online hit The Wisp Sings EP (which has garnered 8 million streams and counting). Available via Bluestack Records and can be bought via the Winter Aid Bandcamp page. Do it!

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