DYLAN COVERS #75 Eric Clapton- Sign Language/Knocking on Heavens Door(Live '77)

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ERIC CLAPTON - Sign Language(Live)

Hear are two live covers from Mr C from a concert at the Hammersmith Odean in London on the 24th September 1977. The first one Sign Language first appeared on his album No Reason to Cry (1976) and was given to him by Dylan along with 7 Days whom he apparently passed on  to Ronnie Wood. I remember buying that album when it first came out especially just for that track.

Us Dylan fans can be a bit sad somtimes, can't we?
It must be that sign language

Eric first released Knocking on Heaven's Door as a single in 1975.  It can still be found on any greatest hits compilation. I could never make up my mind if I liked his version, it is done in Reggae style but the coffee table variety. Hmm! I don't know?

'You got me on my knees' on this one Eric.

ERIC CLAPTON - Knocking on Heaven's Door(Live)

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The Swede said...

Clapton uses Dylan's 'Live at Budokan' reggae arrangement of 'Heavens Door'. I'm with you OPC, not particularly keen on either of 'em!

I bought 'No Reason to Cry' for the same reason as you, and it had Bob on harmony vocals too! Not a bad album as I recall. Wasn't there also a good track featuring The Band on that LP, or am I getting confused with another one?

Spot on Mr S 'Beautiful Thing' had members of the Band. Forgot about the Budokan version...great version of Love Minus Zero on that album too

Anonymous said...

It was Dylan (1978) who used the Clapton's arrangement of Heaven's Door, released in 1975.

The Swede said...

That's a very good point Anon, even Bob hasn't mastered time-travel yet! I stand corrected.

Well problem solved Clapton's version is based on Arthur Louis version of the same year and Clapton played on that to...you started somthing there Mr S and thanks to Mr Anon for pointing it out.

John H said...

Clapton passed on and Dylan gave Ronnie Wood "Seven Days" which Ronnie recorded and did a great version on the 30th Anniversary show :-) john

Thanks John H...there is a few versions around by Ronnie Wood...may do a Post on that one....I agree 30th is great version

Anonymous said...

I believe Mr Dylan offered Mr Clapton the song "Seven Days" along with "Sign Language" back in '74 and . "Seven Days" is an enjoyable rock song later covered by Ronnie Wood and Joe Cocker among others. A live Dylan version from the Rolling Thunder Review tour was later issued on "The Bootleg Series Vol 1-3". Keep on keeping on. - Gray.air

Thanks Mr Anon...of course you are right...easy mistake to make Seven Days, Seven Curses, Seven deadly Sins etc. Thanks for keeping me on my toes. I will have to make sure of my facts in future...It's great people actually read my posts, you made my day. 7 kisses.

Anonymous said...

It's also on Ronnie's 1979 album Give Me Some Neck...and it's a great version. Different anonymous said.

Singing Bear said...

Don't you think Bob was giving Clapton a bit of a back handed compliment by giving him such a dull song? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........

Eric Clapton said...

The first one Sign Language first appeared on his album No Reason to Cry (1976) and was given to him by Dylan along with 7 Days whom he apparently passed on to Ronnie Wood.Great stuff!